Manufacturing Enclosures

Enclosures made to last

At the tip of Africa is a country that has innovation and manufacturing capabilities that are surprisingly advanced.

Automakers are aware of this and brands like Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and Volkswagen have flourished here to the extent that products made in these plants are exported to sophisticated first world markets.
When South Africa’s political landscaped changed in 1994 in what is regarded as one of the most excellent human stories of our time there was much work to do in the electricity network of our country. Under the leadership of Nelson Mandela our new constitution made it a basic right to receive electricity in every home. The practical reality of connecting 70% of our population to the grid had numerous challenges.
Vast areas, a harsh climate and the nature of rural reticulation meant that products from abroad could not simply be adopted. Although the electrical standards of the country are aligned with IEC the physical reality required a unique approach which our company was instrumental in pioneering and has over the years consistently improved.
Although South Africa is not seen to be a low cost manufacturing country in comparison to china and india there are clear and sustainable advantages in raw material, energy and labour cost when compared to first world countries.
We have successfully created solutions that are class leaders in price, function and durability. Employing nearly 800 people with a factory space close to 20 000sqm Allbro has developed capabilities that are quite special.

  1. Raw Material compounding - 3900 Tons of raw material produced annually
  2. Design and development – Products are designed by our own team of mechanical engineers using the latest design tools.
  3. Tool Making – Moulds are made on site (some as large as 8 tons)
  4. Manufacturing to global quality standards ISO 9001
  5. Testing – Laboratory on site to verify ongoing compliance

With more than 100 million enclosures in service for as long as 40 years we have learned much from the real world environment in which these products are expected to perform.