Utilec® Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure

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Code: 040-752040-714040-715040-716040-761040-717040-718040-719040-720040-721040-722
040-752Utilec® UT1 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure122x110x70
040-714Utilec® UT2 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure155x144x100
040-715Utilec® UT3 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure204x144x100
040-716Utilec® UT4 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure253x194x100
040-761Utilec® UT4-D Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure253x194x186
040-717Utilec® UT5 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure257x246x136
040-718Utilec® UT6 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure307x246x136
040-719Utilec® UT7 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure357x246x136
040-720Utilec® UT8 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure359x298x176
040-721Utilec® UT9 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure359x348x176
040-722Utilec® UT10 Slide Lid IP54 Enclosure459x448x176
The Utilec® range of general electrical enclosures are the perfect choice for standard purpose installations. Made from GRP, these enclosures are more durable than their plastic counterparts. GRP has a longer lifespan and is flame retardant, making it the safer choice for electrical installations. Choose from a variety of sizes for all types of projects.
  • Halogen free
  • Flame retardant
  • External mounting feet
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