UB40 Bottom Entry

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Code: 040-702/BE040-702/BE/TERM
040-702/BEUB40 Bottom Entry (20mm)108x140x110
040-702/BE/TERMJunction Box UB40/A1/20 (Bottom Entry) complete with terminals108x140x110
The UB40 bottom entry terminal box is designed to withstand extreme conditions. The bottom entry ensures a versatile and seamless integration into your installation. Made from super tough GRP, the fully waterproof IP68 terminal box is rust-proof and non-conductive. GRP material is also resistant to a range of chemicals, making this terminal box perfect for the mining industry and other harsh industrial environments. There are no exposed metal parts, ensuring that the enclosure has a long lifespan.
  • No drilling or tapping of cable entries required
  • Internal earthing to all entries and rails provided
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