Terminal Boxes Grey

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Code: 0808POK/I0811POK/I0816POK/I0819POK/I0823POK/I1212POK/I1222POK/I1616POK/I1626POK/I1636POK/I1656POK/I2526POK/I2540POK/I2560POK/I4140POK/I2526POK/DI2540POK/DI
0808POK/ITerminal boxes grey75x80x61
0811POK/ITerminal boxes grey75x110x64
0816POK/ITerminal boxes grey75x160x61
0819POK/ITerminal boxes grey75x190x61
0823POK/ITerminal boxes grey75x230x63
1212POK/ITerminal boxes grey120x125x90
1222POK/ITerminal boxes grey120x220x95
1616POK/ITerminal boxes grey160x160x95
1626POK/ITerminal boxes grey160x260x95
1636POK/ITerminal boxes grey160x360x95
1656POK/ITerminal boxes grey160x560x95
2526POK/ITerminal boxes grey250x255x128
2540POK/ITerminal boxes grey250x400x128
2560POK/ITerminal boxes grey250x600x128
4140POK/ITerminal boxes grey410x400x128
2526POK/DITerminal boxes grey250x255x163
2540POK/DITerminal boxes grey250x400x163
The Terminal Box range has been designed for the most extreme and most demanding environments. The final word in protection for electrical components, the Terminal Boxes are fully waterproof IP68. Made from sturdy GRP for increased electrical safety, which is also rust-proof and non-conductive. The material’s resistance to a variety of chemicals make it ideal for mining applications and other industries where components are exposed to corrosive substances. Choose from a range of sizes – there’s an Allbro solution for every project.

Note: The black terminal boxes are EX rated.
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