Enlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure

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Code: ENL080806PENL120705PENL120806PENL120809PENL121206PENL121209PENL160806PENL160809PENL161209PENL161609PENL201209PENL201509PENL241210PENL241610PENL241613PENL302310PENL302313PENL362015P
ENL080806PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure80x80x55
ENL120705PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure120x70x50
ENL120806PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure120x80x55
ENL120809PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure120x80x90
ENL121206PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure120x120x55
ENL121209PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure120x120x90
ENL160806PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure160x80x55
ENL160809PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure160x80x90
ENL161209PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure160x120x90
ENL161609PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure160x160x90
ENL201209PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure200x120x90
ENL201509PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure200x150x90
ENL241210PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure240x120x100
ENL241610PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure240x160x100
ENL241613PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure240x160x130
ENL302310PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure300x230x100
ENL302313PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure300x230x130
ENL362015PEnlec® Grey Lid IP66 Enclosure360x200x150
An electrical enclosure range for any application! The Enlec® is a polycarbonate enclosure that provides great protection against water and dust. It can be used to protect switches, circuit boards, technical read-out equipment, electronic field equipment, and more.
  • Flame-retardant
  • Halogen free
  • 18 different sizes
  • Moulded with mounting holes to maintain IP level after being mounted in your installation
  • Large face on the enclosure for a clean surface to mount equipment, labels, indicator switches, etc.
  • Included: ¼ turn Stainless Steel screws for long-lasting installations that don’t deteriorate the plastic around mounting holes
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